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The following are Madonna's videos that caused the most problems with religious communities.


Click on above picture to view Madonna's Like a Prayer video.

Madonna's 1989 video for Like a Prayer, directed by Mary Lambert, caused a major uproar in the Christian community. It portrayed a cleavage baring Madonna singing infront of burning crosses, receiving stigmata, and kissing a black Jesus in a church. The Christian community tried as hard as they could to get MTV to pull the video, but their attempts were unsucessful. However, they were sucessful at getting Pepsi to pull a commercial with Madonna featuring the song 'Like a Prayer'. The commercial airred only aired once, but Madonna's got to keep the $5 million Pepsi paid her for the endorsment deal.


Click on the picture to view Madonna's Express Yourself video.

In the same year that she released her 'Like a prayer' video, Madonna also released her 'Express Yourself' video. Conservative Christian groups were outraged by the blatant sexuality that the video represented, with Madonna laying naked, chained to a bed, and critisized her depiction of women; Madonna at one point crawls across the floor and drinks from a milk bowl like a cat. Once again religious groups tried to get MTV to find the video unfit to air, and once again MTV refused.  The Like a Prayer album, which features both of these songs, went on to become one of Madonna's highest selling records, and both videos have appeared on numerous lists of the best music videos of the century.

Click on the picture to view Madonna's 'Die another Day' video.

In 2003 Madonna was asked to perform the title track for the James Bond film Die Another Day. In the video she displays an acient Hebrew tattoo on her arm that is very signicant and meaningful towards the Jewish people. This symbol is then burned into a leather chair. Madonna also wraps a leather strap around her arm and hand in a way that is only supposed to be done for sacrificial Jewish ceremonies. This imagry in the video outraged Jewish people and they demanded that this footage be removed. As usual, there were no changes and the video continued to air.

Click on picture to view Madonna's 'Justify my Love' video.

Click on the picture to view Madonna's 'Take a Bow' video.

Madonna's Take a Bow video is filled with hidden religious imagry. As Georges-Claude Guillbet says in his book Madonna as a Postmodern Myth, "Madonna and the man she is in love with are seen consummating their love, but more often then not they make love via TV if the purity of one or the other had to be preserved." The video ends with Madonna standing in front of a wall with a sculpture of the Virgin Mary behind her. Madonna often makes reference to the Virgin Mother, since her name, Madonna, roots from it's Italian translation.

Finally there is Madonna's Justify my Love video. It outraged every religious and parental group there was for it's almost pornographic content and was the first video that these groups were almost able to get banned; but instead MTV decided to only play it after midnight.

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