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Madonna Louise Ciccone was born August 16, 1958 in Michigan. The third of six children born to Italian born father, Silvio "Tony" P. Ciccone, and Madonna Louise Fortin, a French Canadian.


The Megastar
After the massive sucess of her second album, Like a Virgin, Madonna was instantly a worldwide superstar with "Madonna-Wannabe's" everywhere. Critic's felt that the older and wiser Madonna got, the better her music got. Her 1986 album, True Blue, which she wrote while married to first husband, Sean Penn, contained five major hits. Unfortunatly her personal life wasn't going as well as her private life; she filed for divorce from Pen in 1987.
Madonna's fourth album, released in 1989, Like a Prayer, presented more reflective and personal lyrics and a more mature vocal style. It's title video caused a major stir in religious communities and I'll go into that in detail under the "Controversies" section.

The Bad Girl
In 1992, Madonna released the erotic book Sex, photographed by long time collaborator Steven Meisel. Adult in nature, it featured strong sexual content and graphic photographs featuring Madonna depicting simulations of sexual acts. The book caused huge publicity at the time of its release, primarily leading to bad press and negative attitudes towards Madonna.
Her album, Erotica, was blasted by some critics' as a "porn album" with most believing that all the album tracks were about sex; but in truth the album only featured three (out of fourteen) overtly sexual songs. Plus, at the time Madonna had a string of famous boyfriends which didn't help her matter much at all.

Madonna spends some time with her three children, Lourdes, 10, David, 13 months, and Rocco, 6, last month in Chicago, before an interview on the popular Oprah Winfrey show to discuss the adoption of David.

Like a mother.

Madonna has credited daughter, Lourdes, as giving her some kind of spiritual rebirth. Since having son, Rocco, Madonna has begun to write many Kabbalah inspired children's books. The first book, The English Roses, was released 3 years ago to massive sucess.

Early Trama

Madonna's mother died on Dec. 1, 1963. Madonna has discussed very openly about the hardships of growing up without her mother. At a young age Madonna was enrolled in ballet and soon became her teacher, Christopher Flynn's, star pupil. It was Flynn who introduced Madonna to the gay discotheque scene.
After graduating high school in 1975, she received a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan. In 1977, with Flynn's encouragement, Madonna left college at the end of her second year and moved to New York City in November 1980 to pursue a dance career.
When she moved to New York she had $35 in her pocket and had to work a series of low-paying jobs, including a stint at a donut shop and as a nude model on occasion. She studied with Martha Graham and Pearl Lang, and later performed with several modern dance companies. While performing as a dancer for the French disco artist, Patrick Hernandez, Madonna met and became romantically involved with the musician Dan Gilroy, with whom she later formed her first rock band, the Breakfest Club. In addition to providing vocals, she played drums and guitar before forming the band Emmy in 1980 with drummer and former boyfriend Stephen Bray.

Big Break
Along with Bray, Madonna wrote and produced many disco tracks that got her noticed in the New York club scene. In 1980 Madonna signed a deal with Sire Records who agreed to pay her $5,000 per song. Her first release 'Everybody' was a huge dance hit in underground New York, but it was her 1983 follow up single 'Burning Up' that made the heads of Sire Records decide to allow her to put out her first full length album, simply titled Madonna. The album contained 3 major hits: 'Holiday', 'Lucky Star' & 'Borderline'.

The Mother
In 1996 Madonna discovered she was pregnant, by then boyfriend Carlos Leon, and on October 14, 1996 she gave birth to daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. Her and Leon did not stay together but the birth of her daughter proved a major change in Madonna. Madonna's seventh album, Ray of Light (1998), blended personal and introspective lyrics with Eastern sounds, down-tempo, electronic instrumentation, and a strong rave flavor. It garnered her the strongest reviews she had receieved since 1989s, Like a Prayer, and is still considered her best work yet.
Madonna finally settled down in 2000 with indie film director, Guy Ritchie, and together they had a son, Rocco. They are still happily married and as of last month have adopted a young African boy named, David.

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